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Rorschach® Test Centenary Edition


von Hermann Rorschach

Paper and Pencil
Paper and Pencil
The Rorschach® Test Centenary Edition
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Celebrating a whole century of Rorschach, we are proud to present the limited and numbered (0-999) edition of the Rorschach® Test. Packaged in an attractive, embossed, linen-effect slipcase, the special edition of the Rorschach® Test includes:

The only original Rorschach® Test plates

The only original Rorschach® Test plates authorized by the International Society of the Rorschach and Projective Methods (ISR) for use in Rorschach diagnostics, published exclusively by Hogrefe. The plates are produced under strict quality controls, ensuring that they have precisely the same appearance as when Hermann Rorschach himself oversaw their printing.

New English translation of Hermann Rorschach's Psychodiagnostics

This newly translated and annotated edition of the only book ever published by Hermann Rorschach showcases Rorschach's empiricism and the wide-ranging flexibility of his thinking. It helps us to understand why his iconic inkblot test has survived for a century and is still being used around the world. Also included in this translation is the case study lecture on new developments in the test that Rorschach gave to the Swiss Psychoanalytic Society in 1922. Drawings and photographs from the Rorschach Archive as well as introductory chapters on the history of the translation and the creation of psychodiagnostics enrich the book.

Online access to a special anniversary issue of Rorschachiana

This special issue of the official journal of the ISR offers an update on the White Paper from the Society of Personality Assessment that was published in 2005. It addresses this main question: “What does the scientific literature from 2005 to the present tell us now about the reliability and validity of the Rorschach as a tool for the assessment of personality?”

Commemorate the 100th anniversary of one of the most widely used tests ever published, with your own unique, limited and numbered edition of the iconic Rorschach® Test.




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