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A Visual Learning and Memory Test for Neuropsychological Assessment

3rd Edition, 1999

von Georg Lamberti, Sigrid Weidlich

Paper and Pencil

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Subjects from 6 to 70 years of age.


The DCS is a learning and memory test for detecting memory deficits resulting from acquired brain damage. Based originally on the work of the psychiatrist F. Hillers, the test has been successfully used now for more than 20 years in the German-speaking countries. In the 3rd edition, which is available in English, a parallel form has been developed which allows the course of cerebral disease to be assessed. Test subjects are shown nine symmetrical geometrical drawings in succession which, after being removed, all have to be reproduced with five short sticks. Six trials are allowed, although the goal of reproducing all drawings in one trial can be reached well before then by some patients. Test performance is dependent upon several factors, such as directing one's attention and perceiving, storing, and reproducing forms. Test results give strong evidence of the learning ability and the performance of visual memory of the test subjects. Used together with the data presented in the manual, the test can also be used in the diagnosis of dementia. A comparison of neuropathological data in both brain-damaged and normal patients demonstrated that the test can adequately differentiate between acquired cerebral damage and abnormal development without brain pathology. The test has also proven to be a robust diagnostic method for analyzing the course of a learning program.


Between 20 and 60 minutes.


3rd edition in use since 1999.



Ref-ID: 19527